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Custom Main Hub Operating System

Real Example of our Main Hub OS

Use On Any Device

What Is Included In Main Hub?

  • Membership Page - Access all your business resources from one place on any device at anytime (You can share access with  team members).
  • Custom Branding - All your emails and pages will have your logos and branding information you supply.
  • Custom Forms - Allows customers/your business to fill out forms to capture information you need to run your business.
  • ​Automatic Emails - Customers will receive automatic messages along their journey with your business from start to end. Also, it includes any additional scheduled seasonal promotions for your business.
  • Workflow Organization - Includes estimates, accepted jobs, declined jobs, jobs completed, late payments, and more to keep your customers experience professional and enjoyable while keeping your business organized.
  • My Tools - Includes daily reports, expenses tracker, customer questions, & reminders to keep your business organized and efficient.
  • ​Custom Service Groups - Organize all your customers into service groups and view those groups on the databases.
  • ​​Extra Needs - Request any extra needed configuration.
  • ​Databases - All information is collected and stored on databases in the main hub where you can view/edit at anytime!
  • And More - Tailor to our customer needs in certain circumstances.

10 Reasons Why You Should Get The "Main Hub"

  • Reason 1 - This system will increase your efficiency & productivity, while eliminating errors!
  • ​Reason 2 - $$$$ the price point we are offering is tremendous for the value you get (to do this by yourself it would cost approximately $599.99/month we are only charging $135/month).
  • ​Reason 3 - This system operates with high performance. You don't have to worry if your messages are getting delivered or if your information is stored correctly.
  • ​Reason 4 - We use bank encrypted software & other big name company platforms to store your data safely
  • ​Reason 5 - The feedback we have received from members has been amazing! "I can run my business from my phone while I'm in bed if I want!"
  • ​Reason 6 - We run an amazing affiliate program! We are motivated by everyone's success and that is why we have a very generous affiliate program!
  • ​Reason 7 - Our system is Risk Free with no long term commitment, so you can cancel at anytime.
  • ​Reason 8 - Customers that interact with the system have said that they enjoy it, it is very professional and easy to use.
  • ​Reason 9 - Blue Chip Secured's team is first class, taking our customers very serious and listening to their needs.
  • ​Reason 10 - You can use Main Hub System anywhere you have access to the internet! 
  • ​Reason 11 (Bonus) - Our system increases internal efficiency between you and your team members!
What Kind Of Businesses 
We Work with?
We work with all business types, but here is a list of some of our popular businesses:
  • Contracting
  • ​Landscaping
  • ​Electricians
  • ​Plumbing
  • ​Concrete Companies
  • ​​Restaurants
  • ​​Pizza Parlor
  • ​Hair Salon
  • ​​Automotive
  • ​​& More
Join a Powerful Business Partnership 
Blue Chip Secured is focused on helping you make your business the best it can be. We can implement infrastructure that all top performing businesses utilize! A business is only as good as the structure that holds it up. At Blue Chip Secured, we focus on building strong structures for businesses that they can rely on day in and day out. 

We are easy to work with. Our aim is to provide cost effective solutions for businesses so they don't miss out on all the benefits of digital marketing. Also, we strive to make everything user friendly.

We do not lock customers into long term contracts. You pay per month or per product and you can cancel anytime!
Our Core Focus
We use automation with your business to help you & your customers go through our system and end up with a happy result!
Get Results
Our goal is to increase your potential customers and their transactions with your business, while keeping them satisfied!
Complete System 
From beginning to end of a customer's journey, we have structure in place to give them a great experience, while keeping your business efficient!
Check out a list of our Services/Products below:

Website Design

URL Subscription

SEO Optimization

Logo & Branding

Animated Video Content

Digital Lead Generation

My Tool Kit

Instant Benefits for Your Business

Focus on the passion of why you started your business!
Increase your personal time by working with Blue Chip Secured!
Improve sales through modern marketing practices!
Launch Projects 
Increase your business organization. 
Make More Money
Increase sales "automatically."
Reach More People
Stay relevant to more people!
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